18 August Weekly Update

Lots of Field Peas coming in

Lots of Field Peas coming in

This week we picked:  a few sweet peppers, lots of Serranos, a small Long Island cheese squash, a couple of patty pan summer squash, tomatoes, lots of green beans, cucumbers, a couple of long eggplants (albeit smallish ones), field peas, butter beans, a few tomatillos, and lettuce from the front porch experimental railing box.

And Green beans

And Green beans

Bounty of a Day

Bounty of a Day

Another Day

Another Day

A quickie pass through

A quickie pass through

Lettuces - in August!

Lettuces – in August!

I’m about to wage a war on wildlife!  In addition to the squirrels regularly (as in *daily*) getting a tomato or two, “something” (we initially thought it was a coon but now think it was also squirrels; who knows, maybe some of both) ate all of our cantaloupe melons through the course of the week, despite our efforts to wrap them in mesh in an attempt to deter varmints.  I am so mad!  Eight melons and we ended up with dribs and drabs (I’m not too proud to cut off the un-nibbled parts of the leavings…).  The dribs and drabs weren’t really quite ready so they aren’t very sweet but we’ll put them through the juicer to become part of our regular juicing routine.  Deer also got a good meal from our bean leaves and sweet potato vines.

Doesn't that melon look beautiful!

Doesn’t that melon look beautiful!

But it had it top chewed off

But it had its top chewed off

Another ravaged victim

Another ravaged victim

Shelled butter beans

Shelled butter beans

Roasted tomatoes

Roasted tomatoes

We completed two of the replacement boxes (bases were pictured in last week’s post) but we still need to fill them up with compost/vermiculite.  We had planned to do that on Friday and Saturday but the compost delivery on Friday ended up being late in the afternoon and it rained most of the day on Saturday.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get out on Sunday afternoon and finish at least one of them.

We removed the melon vines and will soon seed head lettuce in the space.  I had planned on removing the two remaining patty pans squash plants as well but, although the main stems and older stems are almost completely deteriorated from SVBs, the plants have rooted new growth and the new leaves are looking very healthy and the plants are producing many flowers.  So I decided to let them keep going.

We are having some problems, same as last year, with our butternut squash fruits.  One medium sized immature fruit detached from the vine and started shriveling and another larger fruit (not ready yet though) started to rot in the lower portion.  Something, probably squirrels, had also taken a few bites out of that one as well.  So I cut it from the vine and threw both into the compost pile.  It’s a bit disheartening since winter squash take so long to produce.

The tomatoes are almost done for the year – there are just a few tomatoes still on the plants waiting to turn red.  It was definitely a poor tomato year around here and it wasn’t just us, everyone had a bad field-grown tomato year in our area.  We canned only 10 pints of tomato sauce whereas most years we get over 20 pints put away.  And we haven’t eaten fresh tomatoes as often as we normally do.  Well, at least the workhorses of the garden are doing well – green beans, field peas, and butter beans are all producing well.


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7 Responses to “18 August Weekly Update”

  1. The Novice Gardener Says:

    I was admiring the melon until I scrolled down, a little shocking! I’m having the same problem with my squash (Black Futsu). I thought I had several fruits growing, but now 1 has detached, and 2 rotting. Bummer, I waited so long for them to form, and even helped hand pollinate!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Lovely harvest, especially colorful beans, peppers and eggplants, but really sad about melons 😦

  3. Norma Chang Says:

    Critters sure make a gardener’s life interesting not to mention challenging.

  4. Patsy Says:

    What a shame about those melons! Darned critters! Your other harvests look great!

  5. Bee Girl (AKA Melissa) Says:

    Oh man…I’d be waging war if something were eating my melons, too! So frustrating! Good luck 🙂

  6. Barbie Says:

    Uh-Oh! Time for a few traps, or squirrel stew! Sorry they are taking stuff out from under you. I really ahte that. They got what few melons made it at my house. Stole the whole dang things!

  7. benczajkowski Says:

    Like everyone else, your melon shocked me 😦

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