2 September Weekly Update



We unexpectedly got lots of figs this week!  Since critters normally beat us to ripe figs, we’re a bit lax in checking the fig trees but on Sunday morning, she noticed a half-eaten ripe fig on the ground and decided to look up and saw ripe figs galore!  We’re very excited about finally getting figs.

Harvest One

Harvest One

Summer Bounty

Summer Bounty

Other pickings this week were:  lots of sweet peppers and Serranos, a few other hot peppers, blueberries, cucumbers, field peas, butter beans, a few tomatillos, and the last of the tomatoes.  We also got a handful of raspberries but, as usual, ate them as we picked them so there’s no picture.

Another Day

Another Day

We had enough field peas and butter beans this week that we’ve moved into preservation mode for these “crops.”  We blanched, packaged, and froze several servings worth of both of these legumes.  We also dice and freeze the extra sweet peppers.  We used to can them but then decided to try freezing them and decided that using frozen peppers in cooking applications over the winter was totally acceptable.

Field Peas & Butter Beans

Blanched Field Peas & Butter Beans drying before freezing

We removed the last of the paste tomato plants this week along with the bush beans.  We now have only the Old Dutch Half Runner beans and they are definitely work horses in the garden.  We also seeded arugula, a leaf lettuce blend, and more radishes this week.  Since we ended up doing two of the new boxes (finishing only one was the original “must do” plan), we plan to purchase a few more Fall crop starts this week.




Just a little

Just a little


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4 Responses to “2 September Weekly Update”

  1. Norma Chang Says:

    Can you keep your fig tree outdoor year round? I too have problems with critters and my figs and other fruits.

  2. Mike R Says:

    Very nice red serranos. Most of the ones I’ve seen around here are picked green.

  3. Nat - Home Sweet Kitchen And Garden Says:

    Wow what a sensational harvest!

  4. Hannah Says:

    Your vegetables look yummy. I don’t have enough heat in the PNW to grow butter beans or field peas, they look great. I do get a lot of heirloom bush and pole beans though, and runner beans, which I enjoy and the hummingbirds love the red flowers.

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