9 September Weekly Update

Hot peppers & field peas

Hot peppers & field peas

Pickings this week were:  more figs!; a variety of sweet and hot peppers, including the first El Chacos in quantity and Tabascos; green beans; plenty of field peas; a small eggplant; tomatillos; butter beans; one cucumber from the plants seeded at the end of July; and a large winter squash.

September Harvest

September Harvest

Sweet Peppers & Green Beans

Sweet Peppers & Green Beans

The winter squash is an heirloom butternut type from Italy and when we last successfully grew it, the fruits were the same shape as this one but they were the color of regular butternut squash.  This one is more the color of a hubbard squash and I’ve been waiting for it to turn tan but it’s been doing so very slowly.  Since the vine it had been growing on was 95% dead and the skin can’t be easily pierced with your nails, I decided to go ahead and harvest it.  Hopefully it’ll look normal when we cut it open.

We’re in pepper preservation mode.  On Monday, we’ll be drying many of the hot peppers to make our own chili powder and when we get home from work we’ll slice and can the jalapenos.  I usually try to leave the jalapenos on the plant until they turn red but this year many of them are rotting before they turn color, so I decided to go ahead and pick all of the green ones of usable size.  We’ll also be canning many of the green beans on Monday evening.  We diced 2 quart freezer bags worth of sweet peppers on Sunday afternoon and added them to the other frozen sweet peppers in the deep freeze for use over the winter.  We now have 5 quarts of homegrown sweet peppers preserved!

Winter squash & More

Winter squash & More

We didn’t spend too much time in the garden this week due to other obligations but on Sunday morning, she removed the last of the tomatillo plants and also the older cucumber plants.  These particular cucumbers never really did make many cucs but they had succumbed to some sort of wilt.  Early in the week, we did manage to plant out the Fall seedlings we purchased last weekend to augment the plants we had started in the basement.  We planted more cauliflower, broccoli, mustard, and two types of kale.  We’ll try to remember to get pictures of the transplants in the new beds for next week’s post.  The arugula and radishes we seeded last weekend are all up and growing as well.

Dried Serranos

Dried Serranos


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4 Responses to “9 September Weekly Update”

  1. Bee Girl (AKA Melissa) Says:

    I’m very curious about that heirloom butternut! Butternuts are my favorite of all the squashes! Gorgeous harvests this week all around! Congrats!

  2. Stoney Acres Says:

    A beautiful harvest this week!! I love the peppers. We will be busy cutting up our sweet peppers this week as they all seem to be ready to pick!!

  3. Mike R Says:

    I hope you post the preparation of the chili powder. I’m doing much the same myself, with the dried peppers in the freezer for now.

  4. Barbie Says:

    Your squash will be fine. It may not store for quite as long, but it will do pretty well.

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