New Year, Seed Startings et al

We used to do weekly garden updates and it looks like they’ve now turned into quarterly updates… The last update was before our first frost last year, which occurred a couple of weeks later than usual. Here are a few pictures of the last summer harvest right before the frost:

right before the first frost 1

Right before the 1st frost

last tomatoes 1

Last tomatoes

celery 1


winter squash 1

Winter squash

barely mature winter sqaush 1

Barely mature winter squash

Many of the green tomatoes ripened on the counter and we still had a few tomatoes until shortly after Christmas.

We also had a Thanksgiving Day harvest of three cabbages!

Thanksgiving Day harvest 1

Thanksgiving Day Cabbages!

Other December/early January harvests included broccoli, more cabbage, greens (which we juiced), arugula, lettuce, radishes, and turnips

broccoli & cabbage 1

Broccoli & Cabbage

greens for juicing 1

Greens for Juicing

turnips and radishes

Turnips & Radishes

end of Dec arugula & lettuce

End of December Arugula & Lettuces

turnips and radishes in late Dec 1

Turnips & radishes in late December

broc & greens in late Dec 1

Broccoli & greens in late December!

Unfortunately, in mid January, it turned really cold for several days and all of our overwintered cauliflower and half of the broccoli died, despite our efforts at using burlap and garden fabric to protect the plants. It was very disappointing as most of the cauliflower had formed heads and a couple of them were at harvestable size.

But here we find ourselves at the beginning of February which means that indoor seed starting needed to get started! Earlier today we started cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, mustard, celery, and leeks in our basement seed starting area with more to come every weekend for the next few weekends.

Yesterday and today brought beautiful weather for this time of year (upper 60s) so she spent part of the day puttering around the yard and removing 4 of the 7 small square boxes in the front yard. The wood had rotted and we no longer need the extra growing space (because of our larger backyard boxes, installed in November 2013). The remaining 3 have stuff overwintered in them so they’ll be removed in the spring.

We’ve been eating from our preserved harvests all winter. Earlier today she made a “chili” with a couple of the smaller sized winter squash that we still have (small being relative since some of the winter squash were huge). The basic recipe is at this link following, but we use beef stew meat instead of brisket:

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