Spring Update

It’s about time for what has become a quarterly post… We’ve been busy with the regular garden stuff. Seed starting began in the basement in early February, there were light harvests of overwintered plants (many died due to the very cold conditions we experienced this winter in NC), and all of the preparation/planting that comes with spring. We harvested a few overwintered cabbages, including red cabbages, so she made the ever-popular rouladen with “rot kohl” – recipes on front page. For the first time ever, nearly all of our radishes have made actual radishes! We’ve also gotten a respectable amount of asparagus and we pulled the overwintered carrots, although we’ve been using them for juicing rather than for direct eating because their quality suffered from the cold. But, we have no pictures of these things as taking pictures of harvests started to feel too much like a chore.

Recently we pulled up the overwintered beets and mustard along with some early-spring planted kales and made braised greens, which we froze for later.

pile of greens

We’ve gotten almost all of our late-spring/early summer plants in the ground. The only things being hardened off now are some zucchini and charentais melon plants.

hardening off melons and zucchini

We planted our eggplant and pepper plants out a few days ago and put them under cover because nighttime temperatures are still a bit cool for these plants and also because we have flea beetles which can kill young eggplants. We’ll remove the cover from the peppers as soon as night temperatures are higher and from the eggplants once they get more mature (a foot or so tall).

eggplants & peppers under cover

We’ll leave you with a few pictures from the garden:

volunteer parsley

Volunteer Parsley Plant

summer squash

Summer Squash

sugar snap peas behind red cabbage

Sugar snap peas behind red cabbage

productive radish box with other things

A productive radish box with other things

potato patch

Potato patch


Onion patch

new thyme container

Thyme container – we sprouted the seeds in the basement

mustard & kales

Mustard & Kale

lettuce & snow peas

Lettuce and snow peas



haricot vert box

Haricot vert box

garlic patch



One area of cucumbers – we have two more



broccoli behind tomatoes

Broccoli behind tomatoes – the broccoli will be done once the tomatoes get large enough to need more space

asparagus box

Asparagus box


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5 Responses to “Spring Update”

  1. Barbie Says:

    Love the width of your boxes. It’s about the same as mine, but ours are against the fence on one side so I couldn’t go much wider. I’d love to have access to both sides. Looking good!

  2. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm Says:

    Wow! That’s quite the spread you have there! Everything looks absolutely lovely and ready for the season!

  3. daphnegould Says:

    Lovely greens harvest. Too bad about losing plants over the winter, but it was a really hard one this year. My kale usually survives much better. I will get a harvest, but it won’t be nearly what it has been in past years.

  4. nicole Says:

    Would love to see the tomatoes growing in your trellies. 🙂

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