Early August 2016

It’s been only a week since our last post, but I’ve been sick all week and it’s now raining outside so I decided to do a post.  We got our first figs today!  I’ve already eaten three of them and they are delicious.  Technically, some were ready earlier this week and became overripe on the tree (the ants and other bugs love that) so, if I had not been sick and doing only “must do” life things, I would have noticed the ripe figs and picked them earlier in the week.  The two fig trees are loaded with unripe figs, so it looks like it will be quite the fig year, presuming we can beat the critters to the ripe fruit.

We’ve gotten plenty of cucumbers and tomatoes this week as well as the first bell peppers and a few more jalapenos.  I’ve removed a few of the round 1 cucumber vines because they’re really starting to fade.  But the Round 2 vines started producing a couple of weeks ago and the Round 3 vines are getting ready to start making cucumbers.  It’s been a good cucumber year.  Usually Round 1 isn’t still around in August.

We’ve been processing the tomato bounty – we made roasted tomatoes last weekend which ended up in both the freezer for future use and a tomato casserole The Hubs made.  We currently have more tomato sauce cooking down on the stove.  We’ll package the sauce in pint freezer bags and freeze them for future use.  Some years we can our tomato sauce, but it’s really easier to just freeze it.

tomato sauce on the stove

tomato sauce cooking down on the stove

I pulled up all of the basil this morning.  It was infected with basil downy mildew, which apparently is a new-ish basil problem (first recognized in 2007 or ‘08).  Now that I think about it, the previous two years of basil also was done in by this fungus.

We have winter squash growing on the vines!  Winter squash vines are truly amazing.  Some of them are easily 40-feet long.  I’m really hoping the squash come to maturity because having squash detach from the vine before they’re ripe has been a major problem for us during the years, one we have correlated to “too much rain” during some aspect of the fruit’s maturing process.  We’ve gotten a lot of rain this week – 4.5 inches during one evening’s thunderstorms and over an inch just now (it rained for about 45 minutes).  Rain in these amounts is what we think have cause the past problem of fruits detaching from the vine.  Time will tell…

We also have several cantaloupe melons on the vines!  I’ve wrapped them in plastic chicken wire in attempt to deter raccoons, possums, and other critters that love to beat us to our ripe melons.

protected cantaloupe

protected cantaloupe melon

All of the recent rain has caused some mushrooms to sprout.  They’re not edible, but it’s interesting to see the huge variety of mushrooms that exist just in our little corner of the world.

mushrooms (not edible)

mushrooms (not edible!)

The fall crops that I started in the basement under lights at the beginning of July are getting big and I will start hardening them off in the next week or so.  I had not taken any garden pictures for quite some time so I took the camera out with me today to take a few pictures.  Here they are:


Until next time – could be next week, could be months from now – who knows?!


7 Responses to “Early August 2016”

  1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm Says:

    Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a homegrown cuke right now! As simple as they are, they are so very good! Enjoy your bounty!

  2. Dave @ OurHappyAcres Says:

    I’m with you on freezing the tomato sauce! It’s easier to skip that canning step, and I do think the quality is even better. I do hope the critter leave your figs and melons alone. I gave up on growing figs because the ants got more of them than I did.

  3. Will - Eight Gate Farm NH Says:

    Beautiful harvests. When I first saw your protected cantaloupe I thought it was covered in barbed wire…now that might work!

  4. dvelten Says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Looks like you have the right strategy on dealing with the tomatoes: sauce them and freeze them. Wish I had a fig tree. Have been buying them at the store. They had a large pile of Calmyrna figs on sale no one was touching. We had them drizzled with honey and that was a treat.

  5. Mike R Says:

    Here in SW Indiana the squash are having a very good year also. I’ve never heard of the squash detaching early, but your explanation makes sense.

  6. Phuong Says:

    Your garden is doing fantastic. Lots of peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The figs look really good, I don’t think I’ve ever had any fresh.

  7. Margaret Says:

    Those figs look delicious as does everything else! I’ll be lucky to get even one fig from my trees as I wasn’t exactly diligent about watering them early on in the summer – there is one lowly fig on one of them now, but I’m doubtful as to whether or not it will make it to maturity.

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