Fall 2016 Recap – Better Late than Never???

As blogging about our gardening adventures has fallen far down life’s priority list, posts have been further and further apart…

Late summer/Fall/early winter 2016 was quite bountiful.  It was quite the fig year for us and we even got a flush of figs in November because of mild temperatures!  We figured out that you can freeze whole figs and use them in fig smoothies – we’ve been enjoying fig/banana smoothies all winter and no more drying necessary!  Here are a few fig harvest pictures:

We also had plenty of herbs, especially sage and parsley for Thanksgiving, along with Thanksgiving broccoli heads.  Peppers were also abundant come September/October and we chop up those we don’t use fresh and freeze the chopped pieces for cooking applications over the winter.

We also harvested plenty of butter beans this year, which we blanch and freeze to enjoy over the winter.  We grew lots of cucumbers because they form the main base of a green juice we drink quite often.  We juiced them and froze them into the amount we use in a batch of juice.  We just ran out of our last frozen portion this week.  This technique worked out great in the juices and saved us quite a bit of money since we weren’t buying cucumber all winter; they actually add up quite quickly at the volume we’ve bought them in the past!  We’re planning on growing an abundance of cucs this year and employing the same juice-and-freeze tactics.

We had a hard time trying to grow melons – watermelons never did form into anything resembling a decent size and, although a number of cantaloupes grew well, the critters beat us to them despite our efforts to protect the melons.  I was really anti-critter for awhile!!  We’ll leave you with a few last harvest pictures.  Hopefully we’ll post a bit more frequently in 2017…maybe we can commit to once every other month???



One Response to “Fall 2016 Recap – Better Late than Never???”

  1. Dave @ OurHappyAcres Says:

    I tried for several years to grow figs but I couldn’t get them to ripen in time before frost came. They seem to be doing quite well for you though!

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